Monday, June 21, 2010

Public Speaking

Dare #1 -- Initiated from my best friend Gwen.
She said the words to me early this morning, "I dare you to speak in public at least once today and it has to be for at least 5 minutes and, Seneca, it can't be boring. " Apparently my bff found this dare in last months Cosmopolitan magazine and she thought is was perfect for day one.
Okay sounds good to me I love to talk except I have to find an audience and that is not as easy as it looks. I have to take my dare a day challenge to heart.
After searching for hours I found a small technology class at my local library. After some convincing the teacher allowed me into the class and let me teach his pupils who ranged in age from 20-50 how to complete an effective search online. I taught them how to search using my blog... secretly hoping they would follow me. One student even promised she would follow me if she could dare me. I said of course and was just about to leave when one student hit a fire wall so I stayed and taught them how to hack into a low level security site. After a slightly disapproving look from the teacher I booked it out of there only to trip over my own feet sporting a pair of 3 inch nude Manolo pumps. I smiled my embarrassed smile and ran far away learning that public speaking is not as scary as walking on bricks in heels.

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